• To provide an informal, safe, and accepting environment for anyone who needs or wants the benefits of counseling help. As a ministry, our calling to the homosexual community is of primary importance. However, we welcome anyone who seeks help through counseling.

• To offer hope for a healthy living by providing assessment, prevention and intervention services in a safe and accepting venue for therapeutic discussions about personal concerns of individuals, couples and groups.

• To educate people about counseling and other relevant issues affecting mental, emotional and spiritual health through therapy sessions, seminars and workshops conducted by professional and experienced therapists.

Counseling Center would like to see the counseling service become recognized and widely accepted by residents of the Philippines as something helpful and essential to personal growth and holistic development.

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Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
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Couples Enrichment
Relationship Issues
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Emotional Dependency
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Counseling the Homosexual
The Church and The Homosexual
Understanding Homosexuality
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